Data Cleanse Case study 2

NRL Clubs Data Cleanse

  • Parramatta Eels

Job Details

  • List of 21,137 was provided, Personalised Emails to be sent to all the accounts.
  • From there the recipients can click to confirm their details, or update their details.
  • Update will present a form to the person and they will be able to update all their data.
  • Confirm will attempt to confirm. If the recipient is missing data they are directed to the update page.
  • Emails are divided into separate sub lists to help with the server load.


Job Statistics

Email Campaign Emails Sent Open % Actual Opens Click % Clicked
Round 1 1st contact 86,892 38.97% 33,866 78.31% 26,520

Round 1
Sent on a Tuesday to the whole list of 30,594 provided. Some were dud emails so only 21,137 were sent out. Of this nearly 35% were opened, and of those there was nearly 70% participation.

Form Capture (from a total emails sent of 21,137)
Confirms 152 0.71%
Update 4,520 21.38%
TOTAL 6,681 31.60%

Overall Landing Page Update Stats

Total Updates Number Total Updates Number
First Name 74 Mobile Phone 1,095
Last Name 66 Email Address 246
Address 964 Gender 4,691
Suburb 849 Total Updates 5,015
State 577 Total Confirms 318
Postcode 778 Confirm Incomplete 1,129
Date of Birth 845 * If the same person updates twice then updates increase by +2

New Information Stats
The below statistics depict personal details added where there
were previously no details provided.

New Information Number
Mobile Phone 755
Date of Birth 671
Address 419
Gender 4,677