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About Data Cleansing

MMR Studio’s Data Cleanse solutions are designed to make the process of updating your database, quick, easy, accurate and affordable.
Why Data Cleansing
is Important.
Data cleansing is the process of confirming or updating data in your database that is out-of-date, incorrect, inaccurate, incomplete, duplicated or wrongly formatted. There are a number of reasons your database will need to be cleaned regularly including statistics that show just how often people change their addresses, jobs and also from incomplete and incorrect data being supplied through the various channels to begin with.
Data Cleanse – Developed by MMR Studio.
MMR Studio is a multidisciplinary agency with services ranging from design to print management, website development to electronic marketing and everything in-between. We developed the Data Cleanse product to cater for a client base that relies on up-to-date data. And with an average of 39.8% of recipients confirming or updating their data, Data Cleanse can provide large cost savings in the long run.
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OUR Clients

“MMR is one of those rare organisations that once you’ve made the decision to work with, every decision from that point is the best decision you’ll ever make. The team, their work, their energy has left an indelible mark on our organisation. Their tireless work ethic and enthusiasm for what they do is awe-inspiring, pushing themselves to excel in every instance. I can’t recommend Rob and his team at MMR highly enough.”

Head of Marketing

“MMR have provided both print and electronic design support to the Hawks since 2005. They produce our Club magazine which is of the highest quality and support us in many other areas of business. Their work is always first rate, but it is their project management which gives us the greatest confidence. I have no hesitation in recommending MMR Studio for any project.”

Communications Department
GM - Consumer Business
& Fan Development

“I have worked with MMR for over seven years now, across two AFL clubs, and multiple projects in a variety of mediums. MMR drive innovation in critical time-frames, crucial in the ever changing colliding-world of sports and entertainment. MMR continue to provide the level of external support I need to grow the brands I represent.”

“We have utilized the services of MMR Studio for a number of years. They have assisted Collingwood Football Club in being at the forefront of digital innovation. Rob Kennedy and his team have a proven track record of success, their commitment to task shows through in the exceptional results delivered.”

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In the last 5 years at least 43% of people have changed address; of those 50% moved once, 19% twice, 17% three times, 8% four times and 11% 5 times or more.

When changing mobile carriers, people often adopt new mobile numbers. Moving house or business means new business numbers and internet service providers. Changing jobs means new work numbers and email addresses.

As a result your client database can become rapidly outdated, a costly and problematic issue for company communications. If your business relies on delivering marketing via post or electronically (email etc.), your efforts are wasted when sending material to ‘dead’ addresses drawn from dated or incomplete databases.

Having accurate, up-to-date data will save your company time, money and frustration.

One Click to Confirm
or Update Details

Data Cleanse offers a simple, user friendly way of keeping your contact information fresh with Electronic Direct Mail (EDM), an email populated with current customer information drawn from your database. With a single click your client can confirm that their details are accurate, or if updates are required. If any crucial information is missing, the user will be prompted to complete the missing fields before submitting.

SMS Text Backup

In the cases where current email addresses fail, the Data Cleanse system can automatically send SMS Text notifications to corresponding mobile phone numbers, with a link prompting users with smart phones to update or confirm at an online micro-site, accessible from the phone’s web browser.

Validation Rules

Data priorities vary from client to client. Phone numbers or email listings may be more crucial than postal addresses, birth dates or gender information. With our validation rules, you can specify what is mandatory and what is optional.

With a single click your client can confirm that their details are accurate, or if updates are required.

Safe & Secure

At Data Cleanse we take security seriously. Solutions are designed to make the process of updating your database safe and secure.

Secure Links

We use unique, secure links to our online services, preventing unauthorised users from accessing your clients private data.


Micro-site data is protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), encrypting all data between the user and the file server. We use the GeoTrust SSL Certificate, featuring 256 bit encryption and 99% browser compatibility.

Data Security

When your campaign is complete and your ‘cleansed’ data is returned to you, we securely erase this information from our system to eliminate risk in the event of server compromise.

term definitions

Data CleansingData Cleansing is the process of identifying and correcting errors made during data entry or processing, including typographical errors, formatting errors, duplicate removal, data inconstancies and inaccuracies, then converting it to usable formats (e.g. Excel).

Data ValidationData Validation involves checking data for accuracy, validated with set of applicable rules. Checking attributes such as formatting, numerical data, post or zip codes based on country specific formats, invoice totals, spelling, and overall consistency are employed to make sure your data is clean as a whistle.

Data VerificationData Verification is the process of cross checking and confirmation of data accuracy; we address verification via various methods such as phone calls, web searches and other sources.

Data FormattingData Formatting is processing data according to required specifications. Data extracted from one source may not be compatible with client applications. We custom format your data so that is specifically usable to our clients, depending on their requirements.

Duplicate DataDuplicate data is checked and stripped from messy databases, reducing the required disk space and accelerating data access speeds.